Bake Street Cafe

Catering Menu



Brookfield Farmer:

Variety of egg stratas, yogurt parfaits and fresh fruit


Healthy Start:

Chia yogurt parfaits, green smoothies, and egg souffle with turkey sausage




Whole wheat pancakes, fruit platter, and potato hash 




Avocado toast, warm boiled eggs, and fresh fruit




Breakfast sandwich variety, potato hash, and pastry selection



Oatmeal bar, mini egg soufflé, and toast variety




Variety of egg wraps, selection of pastries, and vegetable hash




Valentine coffee carafe (serves 10):  $26

Rishi tea:  $2/sachet

Espresso shots:  $2/shot (10 shot min)

Orange juice:  $3 each

Bottled water:  $2 each


Alternative Milks: (Half-Gallon):

Almond:  $6

Dark chocolate almond: $6

Cashew:  $6

Oat:  $6

Soy:  $6


Add-ons: ($30 minimum)

Cinnamon rolls:  $3 each

Pastry variety:  $3/person

Smoothie variety:  $6/person

Potato hash:  $4/person

Fruit platter:  $4/person



Sandwich and wrap variety


Make it a boxed lunch with cookie and chips


Build-your-own Hippie Bowl:

Quinoa, tofu, seasoned chicken, greens, vegetables, toppings, and dressing selection




Variety of veggie wraps, fruit platter, and complimentary salad



Build-your-own BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

With cheese assortment and baked beans


(chicken or beef available)


Brat and/or Burger Bar

With lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, and potato chips



With garlic bread



Chicken Stir-Fry:

With rice



Ground Beef Taco Bar:

With all the fixins, hard and soft shell variety


(chicken, steak, or shrimp available)


Salads:  $50 each (serves 15)

Apple + Feta 

Avocado, Cucumber, and Tomato

Berries + Bleu

Chicken Caesar

Chickpea + Dill

Garden Harvest

Kale, Cranberry and Sweet Potato

Summer Cobb

Winter Cobb


Add-ons: ($30 minimum)

Fruit and cheese platter: $6/person

Vegetable and hummus platter:  $6/person

Dessert variety:  $3/person


$200 minimum per order

Tax and delivery fees additional

48 hour notice required


Disposable plates, bowls, cups, napkins, utensils, serving spoons/tongs, condiments and dressings included.


Custom requests?  We are happy to make alterations or changes to meet your needs.


Custom Catering

If you need a completely unique selection for your event, we will gladly design a custom menu for you.